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System Availability Update - 12 July 2018 - 14:00

We would, once again, like to apologise to all users who have experienced recent problems accessing the MedCo system. The fix applied has delivered a major improvement and indications are that the issue is resolved. Please resume using the usual route to access the system: https://app.medco.org.uk/

 We will continue to monitor performance to ensure that we are completely satisfied that this issue is now resolved. In the meantime, if you have any problems please contact us on enquiries@medco.org.uk

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Notice of Revisions to MedCo Guidance on the Qualifying Criteria - 29 June 2018

In accordance with MedCo’s website message dated 14 May 2018, the updated MedCo Guidance on the Qualifying Criteria becomes effective from 1 July 2018.

However, following receipt of feedback in relation to section 1.13 e) d) Geographical planning, MedCo have decided that this part of the document will not become effective at this time and a further review of this particular section will be conducted.

Whilst this part of the Guidance is being reviewed, the current version of Geographical planning section will remain in place. This is referenced at 1.13 e) c) on page 10 in the current Guidance document which can be found here.

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Notice of changes to MedCo User Agreements, updates to our Privacy Policy
and Marketing Preferences 
– 24 May 2018

MedCo has today published notice to changes to MedCo user agreements and updates to our privacy policy. Details regarding this can be viewed here. The option to sign-up for Marketing communications from MedCo can be completed by submitting a short form here.

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Notice of Revisions to MedCo User Agreements – 16 May 2018 

MedCo has today published new user agreements. The agreement for Authorised users can be found here. The agreement for MROs can be found here. The agreement for DMEs can be found here. The agreement for IMEs can be found here.

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Notice of Revisions to MedCo Guidance on the Qualifying Criteria, Audit Guide, FAQs and new Technical Data Aid – 14 May 2018 

MedCo has today published four new documents for MROs. MedCo has updated the Guidance on the MoJ Qualifying Criteria, the MRO Audit Guide and its FAQs as well as publishing a new Technical Data Aid document. Click here for more information.

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MedCo user enhancements are now live - 10 May 2018

Improvements to the MedCo system have been successfully implemented. A release note detailing the changes to the Case Verification messages for Authorised Users can be found here. A release note detailing the changes to the Manage Outstanding Cases function for DMEs/MROs can be found here.

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MedCo Provides DME and MRO Notification of Fees - 5 January 2018

MedCo has today given DMEs and MROs notice of the annual renewal fees for April 2018 - March 2019 inclusive. The annual subscription fee for High Volume National MROs will be £150,000.00 plus VAT and for Regional Based MROs it will be £20,000.00 plus VAT. The annual subscription fee for DMEs will be £250 plus VAT.

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MedCo Audit Update - 21 December 2017

Throughout 2017 MedCo has been undertaking an extensive MRO audit programme against the current qualifying criteria (QC).  This has required far more resources than originally estimated.

As a result, MedCo has yet to complete its audit programme for the majority of existing Tier 2s.  This will now be a priority for 2018.

This priority has to be balanced against new applications for Tier 2 and Tier 1 status, the volume and timing of which are outside MedCo’s control.

Consequently, new applications for Tier 2 and Tier 1 status will be subject to a delay and will be processed at the earliest opportunity.  At the present time it is unlikely audit will be able to commence until March 2018 and will be subject to availability of resources.

Before considering applying to register as a new Tier 2 MRO or applying for Tier 1 status, make sure that you have read;

  • The Revised Qualifying Criteria October 2016
  • The MedCo Guidance on Revised Qualifying Criteria October 2016
  • The MRO Audit Guide December 2016

MedCo apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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MedCo Publishes Annual Report & Financial Statements - 2nd November 2017 

MedCo has published its Annual Report and Financial Statements for the period ended 31/12/2016.  A copy of the Annual Report is available here.

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MedCo Qualifying Criteria Guidance FAQs – 22nd September 2017

In October 2016 MedCo published Guidance supporting the revised Qualifying Criteria for Medical Reporting Organisations.

In order to address common issues, MedCo has now published a frequently asked questions document that can be found here.

The document will be refreshed periodically.

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MedCo Introduces New Automated Housekeeping Function – 24th August 2017 

In order to enhance efficiency for users, MedCo is developing an automated housekeeping function that removes completed and obsolete cases from the live system and stores the information in an archive.  Users have been contacted directly with details of how the new function will work and what it means for them. 

MedCo will continue to cross check and monitor case references and behaviours across both the live system and the archive. Where obligations in relation to case data upload have not been met, or failure to select a medical report provider from the search results has taken place; MedCo will take appropriate action as necessary and in accordance with the MedCo User Agreements. 

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MedCo MRO Behaviours During Audit Process - 22nd August 2017 

The MedCo Board has committed to carry out a programme of audits for all MROs registered on the system against the revised Qualifying Criteria published by the MoJ in October 2016.

The terms of reference for the Audit along with the Audit Process and priorities are agreed and set by the MedCo Audit Sub Committee and full MedCo Board.

Recently, the Board and Committee have observed unacceptable behaviour toward, and received unjustified complaints about, members of the MedCo Audit team.  Whilst this has previously been on very rare occasions, these incidents are becoming more frequent.

The MedCo Board and Committee will not tolerate such behaviour.

MedCo auditors have therefore been instructed that if, during the audit process, they are subjected to any behaviour they consider to be unacceptable they are, with the agreement of the Head of the MedCo Audit Team, to abort the audit and report the matter to the Board.  The likely consequences of this will be:

  • Immediate suspension of the MRO from the Medco system until an audit has been re-scheduled and completed and the Board has confirmed re-instatement to the system;
  • Incurrence of a re-audit fee of £500.

It should be noted that there is currently an estimated minimum 3 month waiting period for re-scheduled audits.

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MedCo Audits - 18th July 2017

Please note the MedCo Audit Team is currently completing the 2017 programme of work to audit all operational MROs; as a result, new MRO audit applications are currently subject to a short delay. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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MedCo System Security Enhancements Go Live Today– 18th July 2017

Further to the website announcement on 30th June and direct communication to users on the same date regarding MedCo system security enhancements; MedCo confirms that the new Password Expiry and Lockout Function has gone live on the MedCo system today 18th July 2017.

Users have received a further follow up explanatory communication today with a link to a release note which provides additional guidance on how the Password Expiry and Lockout Function will work, what they will be required to do and how to do it. 

Please note User Password Expiry has been set to ensure that not all users expire on the same day. Users will be notified when they need to change their password.

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MedCo System Security Enhancements – 30th June 2017

MedCo recognises the importance of system security and takes its responsibility seriously. As part of an ongoing programme of work, MedCo is to enhance the system security with the introduction of new password expiry and lockout functions.  Users have been contacted directly with details of how the new functions will work. 

How will it work?

In summary, all users will be required to change their password periodically and will be informed in advance of its expiry that it is now time to change. A new ‘Change Password’ option will allow users to change their password in advance of its expiry and can be used at any time a user wishes to update their password. If the password is not changed by the expiry date, users will be unable to access their account until they have set a new password. A ‘Forgotten Password’ function has also been developed together with a secure facility to reset the password. 

The new ‘Password Lockout’ function will lock the MedCo account for a period of time if an incorrect password is entered more than the permitted number of times.  The user has the option to wait for the lock to expire to attempt to re-enter the password or to follow the secure re-set password process. 

When is it going live?

The new password expiry and lockout functions are expected to be released mid-July 2017.  A further communication will be issued to users at the time to inform them that the functions are now live.    

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MedCo Warns Users of False Invoices Scam - 27th June 2017

MedCo has become aware of a potential scam involving false invoices raised against genuine Medical Expert appointments.  The scam does not involve the MedCo system, which does not hold details of any appointments and contains no personal, sensitive data. 

It would appear that fraudsters are attempting to hack the electronic diaries of Medical Experts and steal appointment details which they can use to send false invoices to Authorised Users. 

MedCo has written to all users to alert them to the potential fraud risk; advising MROs and Medical Experts to ensure they have robust IT security measures in place and Authorised Users to ensure they closely monitor and cross check medical report invoices for validity.

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MedCo MRO Audit Outcomes - 13th June 2017

As part of MedCo’s ongoing 2017 audit programme, the MedCo Board has removed HVN [Tier 1] status from four MRO organisations.  These organisations failed to meet the required criteria, as set out in Table 2 of the Revised Qualifying Criteria published by the MoJ on 25th October 2016. 

In applying the new policy, aligned to the MedCo Guidance published on 8th November 2016, MedCo has determined the four organisations meet the minimum criteria for a MedCo Registered MRO, as set out in Table 1 of the Revised Qualifying Criteria.  The organisations have been reclassified on the MedCo system accordingly and in future will be presented in the MedCo search offer as Tier 2 MROs. 

A further two HVN [Tier 1] MROs have been suspended from the system and will no longer appear in the MedCo search offer.

MedCo is in communication with each of the six organisations who have been made aware of the Board’s decision regarding their individual status.

The six MROS will be permitted to complete existing instructions using MedCo accredited medical experts, to avoid impact on Authorised Users [AUTs] who have prior selected them from a MedCo search offer.   

MedCo has written to all users informing them of the latest outcomes from the ongoing 2017 audit programme. 

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MedCo is the new system to facilitate the sourcing of medical reports in soft tissue injury claims brought under the MoJ’s Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents.

The new system went live on 6th April 2015. Medical Experts, MROs and Commissioners of Medical Reports must register via this website in order to be able to provide or commission medico-legal reports in relation to RTA soft tissue injury claims.

Please take the time to explore the website to familiarise yourself with how the new system will work, user updates, and your registration requirements depending on whether you are a Medical Expert, MRO or Commissioner of Medical Reports


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