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Notice of Revisions to MedCo User Agreements - 4 December 2018

MedCo has today published new user agreements that it intends to implement:
The agreement for Authorised users can be found here.
The agreement for MROs can be found here.
The agreement for DMEs can be found here.
The agreement for IMEs can be found here.

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Reminder for MedCo reports in soft tissue claims - 26 October 2018

MedCo has issued a reminder to solicitors regarding the requirement for a MedCo report for all soft tissue claims started under the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents.

Full details, including reference to the Civil Procedure Rules and a reminder about the correct use of the MedCo reference can be found here.

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Guidance on the use of Adminstrative Agencies - 24 October 2018

MedCo has issued guidance to MROs, DMEs and Authorised Users on the use of Administrative Agencies.

While MedCo does not object in principle to medical experts using the services of administrative agencies (AAs), some AAs appear to be operating as unauthorised MROs.

MedCo consider that the use of an unauthorised MRO is likely to constitute a breach of the MedCo ethics policy and that DMEs and Authorised Users using unauthorised MROs could be in breach of their user agreement.

The full guidance on the distinction between AAs and MROs can be found here.

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MedCo Accredited Expert Witnesses Conference

All accredited medical experts have been invited to an event taking place on 31 October 2018 where we will outline some of the changes that we will be introducing next year.

Some medical experts have now been accredited for more than two years. To ensure that all accredited experts are able to keep their knowledge up to date and maintain their accreditation we are working on developments to the medical expert accreditation framework.

The conference will provide a unique insight into MedCo, the future of ongoing learning and development for MedCo Accredited Experts and the key responsibilities of a MedCo Accredited Expert.

This event is open to all existing accredited experts as well as those who are considering joining the MedCo accreditation scheme. Those who have not yet reserved a place at the forthcoming event can book online here.

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MedCo Audits – 7 September 2018

The MedCo Audit Team is currently undertaking a programme to audit all operational MROs registered on the MedCo service against the MoJ’s Qualifying Criteria (QC). This is an important piece of work required in ensuring that all MROs are meeting the core function requirements of the QC.

The programme is taking longer to complete than anticipated due to the number of other audit requests being received e.g. Re-classification to High Volume National MRO and New Registration. The MedCo Audit Committee have asked the Audit Team to prioritise completion of the core function QC audits.

As a consequence, requests for other types of audits will be subject to a delay, pending the progress of these core function QC audits, which are currently due to be completed by 31 March 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.     

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Reminder to MROs and DMEs on uploading case data

MedCo has published notices reminding MROs and DMEs about the procedure for uploading case data and to use the new functionality for closing cases that do not progress. The notices can be viewed on the following links: MRO reminder, DME reminder.

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System Availability Update - 12 July 2018 - 14:00

We would, once again, like to apologise to all users who have experienced recent problems accessing the MedCo system. The fix applied has delivered a major improvement and indications are that the issue is resolved. Please resume using the usual route to access the system: https://app.medco.org.uk/

 We will continue to monitor performance to ensure that we are completely satisfied that this issue is now resolved. In the meantime, if you have any problems please contact us on enquiries@medco.org.uk

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Notice of Revisions to MedCo Guidance on the Qualifying Criteria - 29 June 2018

In accordance with MedCo’s website message dated 14 May 2018, the updated MedCo Guidance on the Qualifying Criteria becomes effective from 1 July 2018.

However, following receipt of feedback in relation to section 1.13 e) d) Geographical planning, MedCo have decided that this part of the document will not become effective at this time and a further review of this particular section will be conducted.

Whilst this part of the Guidance is being reviewed, the current version of Geographical planning section will remain in place. This is referenced at 1.13 e) c) on page 10 in the current Guidance document which can be found here.

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Notice of changes to MedCo User Agreements, updates to our Privacy Policy
and Marketing Preferences 
– 24 May 2018

MedCo has today published notice to changes to MedCo user agreements and updates to our privacy policy. Details regarding this can be viewed here. The option to sign-up for Marketing communications from MedCo can be completed by submitting a short form here.

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Notice of Revisions to MedCo User Agreements – 16 May 2018 

MedCo has today published new user agreements. The agreement for Authorised users can be found here. The agreement for MROs can be found here. The agreement for DMEs can be found here. The agreement for IMEs can be found here.

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MedCo is the new system to facilitate the sourcing of medical reports in soft tissue injury claims brought under the MoJ’s Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents.

The new system went live on 6th April 2015. Medical Experts, MROs and Commissioners of Medical Reports must register via this website in order to be able to provide or commission medico-legal reports in relation to RTA soft tissue injury claims.

Please take the time to explore the website to familiarise yourself with how the new system will work, user updates, and your registration requirements depending on whether you are a Medical Expert, MRO or Commissioner of Medical Reports


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