Authorised users

If you are a Claimant representative, such as a firm of solicitors, claims management company or a compensator such as an insurance company, as commissioners of medical reports, you are now able to submit an application to register with MedCo, and for you to accept the terms of the User Agreement.

Please note that you will not have to pay a fee to register as an Authorised User.


ICO Registration

Please note that you must register your organisation as it is shown with the Information Commissioner’s Office “Register of fee payers”.

Authorised Users intending to register on MedCo are required to have a current registration with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Under the 2018 Regulations, organisations or individuals who determine the purpose for which personal data is processed (Data Controllers), must pay a data protection fee unless they are exempt.

As part of your registration with MedCo, we will ask you for a valid ICO number which we will verify with the ICO register of fee payers. If you do not have an ICO registration, you can find out how to register on the ICO website