All commissioners and providers of medico-legal reports in soft tissue injury claims must register with MedCo.

If you are a Medical Expert or MRO, please visit the relevant tabs for further information on how to register.

If you are a claimant representative, such as a firm of solicitors, claims management company or a compensator such as an insurance company, as commissioners of medical reports, you are now able to submit an application to register with MedCo, as an Authorised User.

Please see registration documents below and visit the relevant tabs on the left for further information.

Registration process

Please read the Business Process Guide to understand how to complete the registration form.


Payment details can be found in the MedCo Charging Policy.

Declaration of links

Medical experts will need to declare any direct financial links, as defined in the User Agreement. It will be necessary for those registering to check that their declarations of direct financial links are up to date on a regular basis.

Data Validation Rules

Please read the MedCo Data Validation rules document, which outlines the data requirements users will need when uploading data to the MedCo application, either manually or via the bulk upload facility.

If you are considering using the bulk upload facility, a CSV Sample Case Data Upload form can be found HERE