How MedCo will work

All appropriately accredited MROs or qualified medical professionals can register with MedCo, but it will no longer be possible for claimant lawyers to source reports from an individual or organisation with which they have a financial link. This will deter those aiming to cheat the system.

Authorised Users can search for registered individual experts or medical reporting organisations (MROs) who can provide the initial medico-legal report for RTA soft tissue injury claims as defined by 1.1(16A) of the Pre-Action Protocol:

"'Soft tissue injury claim’ means a claim brought by an occupant of a motor vehicle where the significant physical injury caused is a soft tissue injury and includes claims where there is a minor psychological injury secondary in significance to the physical injury."

The system will return a choice of randomly generated results from which Authorised Users can select which individual expert/MRO to instruct.

The MoJ has produced an overview of how the search facility will work. To read more about the MoJ decision on search results CLICK HERE

The Government has determined the qualifying criteria and charging policy for both medical experts and MROs registering on the system, which MedCo will implement. Please read the the full qualifying criteria and charging policy.

Please see the MedCo Data Validation rules document, which outlines the data requirements users will need when uploading data to the MedCo application, either manually or via the bulk upload facility.


Amendments have now been agreed to the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents (the RTA Protocol) and to the Civil Procedure Rules.

The amendments bring into force two important procedural changes:

  • In respect of any Claim Notification Form sent on or after 6 April 2015 the first report in a soft tissue injury claim must be a fixed cost medical report commissioned from a medical expert or MRO sourced via MedCo;

  • With effect from 1 June 2016 medical experts must be accredited by MedCo in order to provide the initial fixed cost medical report in a soft tissue injury claim.