Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MedCo?

    MedCo is a system to facilitate the sourcing of Medical Reports in soft tissue injury claims brought under the MoJ’s Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents.

    MedCo Registration Solutions is a non-profit making organisation with a Board comprised of representatives with cross industry interests and an independent chair. Representatives include members from the ABI, AMRO, APIL, BMA, FOIL, Law Society, MASS, MIB and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. The Board is overseen by Executive Chair Martin Heskins.


  • How does MedCo work?

    The MedCo system returns a choice of randomly generated MROs and Medical Experts from which Authorised Users can select which medical expert or MRO they instruct

    Medical Experts, MROs and Commissioners of Medical Reports must register via the MedCo website in order to be able to provide or commission medico-legal reports in relation to RTA soft tissue injury claims.

    Any appropriately registered MRO or qualified medical expert will be able to register with MedCo, but it will no longer be possible for those commissioning reports to appoint an individual or organisation with which they have a financial link.


  • Why has MedCo been set up?

    MedCo was established to facilitate the operational changes required under the MoJ’s  Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents.


  • Who sits on the MedCo Board?

    The MedCo Board is comprised of representatives with cross industry interests and an independent chair. Representatives include members from the ABI, AMRO, APIL, BMA, FOIL, Law Society, MASS, MIB and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. The Board is overseen by Executive Chair Martin Heskins. 


  • When did MedCo go live?

    Any Claim Notification Form sent on or after the 6th April 2015 involving a soft tissue injury claim, must have a fixed cost Medical Report commissioned from a medical expert or MRO sourced via MedCo.

    With effect from 1st June 2016 medical experts must be accredited by MedCo Registration Solutions in order to provide the initial fixed cost Medical Report in a soft tissue injury claims.


  • What does it cost to register?

    Registration costs vary depending on the user type. For full details please see the MedCo Charging Policy:

    In summary:

    - MRO registrations are split into two categories with separate qualifying criteria for each, decided by the MoJ. The annual registration fees, determined by the qualifying criteria, are £150,000 or £20,000 accordingly.

    - Direct Medical Expert registrations are subject to a £250 annual registration fee.

    - Indirect Medical Expert and Authorised User registrations are free.


  • How long does it take for a registration to be processed?

    It can take between 5-10 days for MedCo to process your application and payment where applicable.

    Once submitted, your application will be processed by MedCo and subject to satisfactory verification you will be ‘approved’ and receive an email to confirm your approved status and invite you to create your MedCo account.

    Once the registration process is complete, all the relevant User Agreements and Policies accepted and any applicable fee paid, your account will be set to operational.

  • How do I select and instruct via MedCo?

    Once the search criteria is complete the search results screen will be displayed with the applicable details of MROs or Medical Experts and their contact details.

    For direct Medical Experts only search results, there is a further option to view details of practising addresses for the purposes of checking suitability.

    Prior to making your selection, you can save the results page (click save) and refer back to it at a later date by using your own reference number to identify and retrieve the search results. Before making your selection, you should contact your chosen MRO or Medical Expert to agree terms. Once terms are agreed you can finalise your selection. Please be advised once you have clicked on a choice it cannot be de-activated

  • How does MedCo ensure compliance with the MoJ qualifying criteria?

    MedCo assesses each application to ensure compliance with the qualifying criteria set by the MoJ. All new and existing MROs are required to submit documentary evidence of their compliance with the qualifying criteria. Failure to submit this evidence will result in applications being declined or access to MedCo suspended.

    In addition and as planned, MedCo will commence audits to ensure firms meet all of the MoJ’s qualifying criteria. All companies, when registering are required to pay the relevant category registration fee: £150,000 or £20,000; as well as demonstrating they have the appropriate insurance policies and business requirements in place. Audited companies who fail to demonstrate that they have each met the full qualifying criteria for their registered category will be re-categorised with no refund or be removed from the MedCo system.

  • How do I determine if a behaviour is in accordance with the MedCo User Agreement?

    MedCo require all registered users to submit documentary evidence to prove compliance with the qualifying criteria set by the MoJ. All registered users should ensure adherence to the MedCo User Agreement. The MedCo Board recognises that this is a rapidly evolving market and that some behaviours, while currently permitted under the qualifying criteria, may undermine the original policy intention. The Board is currently seeking advice and processes may therefore be enhanced in the future to address these concerns. MedCo will communicate any potential changes to existing processes and give a reasonable timeframe before any changes are implemented. MedCo will, as planned, begin auditing registered companies to ensure compliance.



  • Why do my search results contain medical experts not in my area?

    Searches on MedCo use the claimant postcode and a set radius to identify medical experts who have practising addresses in the defined area, and randomly selects seven. Search results currently display the experts’ correspondence address, not their practising addresses. This correspondence address might be many miles from the claimant address. We can reassure you that each expert returned has registered with a practising address that is within the radius searched and that is where they will see your client. To confirm this address, you need to contact them directly using the correspondence details returned on the search. A future system update to MedCo will allow users to click on an expert and see the practising addresses that have qualified them for your search.

  • Does MedCo pass on or sell any details of registered organisations or users to third parties?

    No. MedCo does not release or pass any details of registered users or organisations to any third parties.
  • Does MedCo apply for the purposes of instructing an expert to prepare a medical report for a claimant who was involved in an RTA in England/Wales but resides elsewhere (outside the jurisdiction) e.g. Scotland? 

    Provisions dating from the original RTA Pre-Action Protocol already effectively limited the claimant to instructing a medical expert in the UK. Paragraph 1(12) of the protocol states:

     “(12) ‘medical expert’ means a person who is—

    (a) registered with the General Medical Council;

    (b) registered with the General Dental Council; or

    (c) a Psychologist or Physiotherapist registered with the Health Care Professions Council”

    The only difference arising since the implementation of the MedCo reforms, is that, now, initial medical reports in soft tissue injury claims must be obtained from a medical expert, as defined above, who is also registered with MedCo.

    Prior to the implementation of MedCo, a pragmatic system was in place where defendant insurers would accept reasonably sourced reports from non-registered experts in the small number of cases where the claimant, because they live outside the England and Wales jurisdiction had been unable to present a report from a GMC registered expert.  Therefore following discussion of this issue between MoJ and members of the MedCo Board, the ABI, MASS and APIL have agreed to advise their membership that this pragmatic approach to agreeing the provision of a suitable medical report should continue to be taken.


  • Is there a step by step guide for the registration process?

     Please read the MedCo Business Process Guide to assist with the registration process:


  • What are the ICO requirements for registering on MedCo?

    All users intending to register with MedCo are required to have a valid registration with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

    In accordance with the Data Protection (Charges and Information) Regulation 2018, every organisation or sole trader who processes personal information and who determines the purpose of which personal data is processed (Data Controllers) is required to pay a data protection fee to the ICO, unless they are exempt.

    As part of your registration with MedCo, we will ask you for a valid ICO number which we will verify with the ICO register for fee payers. If you do not have an ICO registration, you can find out how to register on the ICO website

    Please note that you must register yourself or organisation as it is shown on the ICO register for fee payers.

    If you believe you are exempt from registering with the ICO, please email to provide an explanation of the exemption you are relying upon.


  • Do I need to include my personal SRA Number or that of my organisation?

    When registering, please ensure you enter the SRA number of your organisation not your personal SRA number.


  • How do I keep track of all my employees and any financial links they may have?

    For use of the service, it is important that claimant representatives declare any direct financial links, as defined in the User Agreement, with MROs and Direct Medical Experts. This will not be possible until the MROs and Direct Medical Experts have registered. Therefore, and in accordance with the User Agreement, it will be necessary for those registering to check that their declarations of direct financial links are up to date on a regular basis.

    Please refer any further queries to the MoJ for clarification on their policy around the declaration of financial links. 



  • What should I do if I am a Direct Medical Expert or an MRO and I have concerns about the terms and conditions of an instructing Solicitor, including conditions relating to the payment of my fee?

MedCo was established to facilitate the operational changes required under the MoJ’s Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents; namely, to enable the sourcing of medical reports in soft tissue injury claims. MedCo is designed to improve the quality and consistency of medical reports and to remove potential conflicts of interest by ensuring there are no financial links between law firms and the medical experts who provide advice. It is not MedCo’s function to interpret the Civil Procedure Rules [CPR], neither does MedCo have the power to intervene in breaches of the relevant rules, directions and guidance.

It is the responsibility of the instructing Solicitor to engage ethically and ensure that the terms and conditions they apply are compliant with the relevant rules, directions and guidance.

Medical Experts and MROs who have concerns that an instructing solicitor’s terms and conditions may be in breach of the relevant rules, directions and guidance should contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority. More information on reporting to the Solicitors Regulation Authority [SRA] can be found here.