The Government’s Civil Procedure Rules will come into force on 1st January 2016 which require all medical experts completing first reports for low value soft tissue injuries to complete accreditation training.

MedCo Requirements:

Prior to the commencement of training, all experts must meet the below minimum requirements:

  1. Be registered with MedCo
  2. Hold a valid registration of an appropriate professional body (GMC/HCPC)
  3. Doctors registered with the GMC must hold a valid licence to practice. (Any expert not holding a valid licence will be required to provide a referee please contact for further information)
  4. Have signed a MedCo User Agreement
  5. Have declared any financial links


Training Providers:

From March 7th 2016, MedCo Accreditation Training will only be available from MedCo and MedCo owns and manages the training programme.  Register to complete MedCo Accreditation Training here


Training Update: 

Experts who have completed all of the training modules which were provided by Bond Solon are only required to complete the legal module.

Those experts who completed all 5 of the Docslot modules that were available (which we understand is the majority of those that registered with Docslot) will be required to complete a “top up” module This is because the original 8 modules which Medco originally envisaged would be provided by Docslot were not made available. They will also need to complete the legal modules as well.

Those Docslot members who did not complete all of the 5 Docslot available modules are required to register with Medco accreditation and complete the full training package.

Medical Experts yet to start their accreditation training can now complete all of their training via Medco. Click here to register forMedCo Accreditation Training. 

Please note Medical Experts will need to have registered with Medco as either a Direct Medical Expert or an Indirect Medical Expert and provide their correct Medco registration number in order to successfully complete MedCo Accreditation Training.  All Medical Experts will need ICO registration in order to register with MedCo.  For more information on ICO registration visit     

Only those experts who are accredited will be able to prepare Medco reports on or after 1st June 2016.  For further information on the Civil Procedure Rules on the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents see here.


Assessment Criteria:

The Accreditation Training modules have been developed to cover five core areas of knowledge including:

  1. Professional Obligations
  2. Medical History
  3. Clinical Examination
  4. Model Medico Legal Examination and Report
  5. Legal Content



It is estimated that providers allow 30-35 hours of training to complete the accreditation.


Any questions regarding the accreditation scheme please email: